CBT therapy specialising in anxiety disorders

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

CBT Therapy with a twist of 'Weekes' and a squeeze of mindfulness!


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The CBT therapy I offer differs slightly from traditional CBT therapy. At the very core of my therapy I apply the Claire Weekes approach to anxiety recovery and add weight to it by using a host of CBT and mindfulness techniques. Claire Weekes died in June 1990 and since then we have medically progressed both in our understanding of the neurology involved in the anxiety state and in the application of modern therapy; most notably CBT based therapies.

What is the Claire Weekes method?

Claire Weekes was an Australian physician who achieved world renown for her ability to help people with anxiety disorders and for her self help books on the subject. She was a pioneer in this field and was way ahead of her time; she used the term sensitisation to explain the condition that the nervous system becomes whilst in the anxiety state. ‘Acceptance’ based on understanding was at the core of her method – she used the concepts facing, accepting, floating and letting time pass to help de-sensitise the nervous system. Claire Weekes gave understanding like nobody else, perhaps, this is because she developed it within herself and overcame it.

What are the differences between the Claire Weekes method and CBT therapy?

CBT is very much an ACTIVE form of therapy. You get involved with your thoughts, you redirect them, you plant alternate/balanced thoughts, you re-frame, etc. Claire Weekes taught PASSIVE acceptance based on UNDERSTANDING. CBT is in some ways at the core of Claire Weekes’ method in that reasoning must first be gained through understanding. However, Claire Weekes then believed that any involvement in the thoughts should stop there and an attitude of ‘utter’ acceptance be applied to anxiety provoking situations - this is where the two differ. The better the understanding given in therapy, then the more likelihood of the patient’s ability to 'accept' wholeheartedly and it is this acceptance that eventually enables recovery.

Understanding really is the key to recovery!

Understanding is the key to recovery from anxiety disorders and this is where I believe I am able to excel in helping people bring lasting recovery. Similarly to Dr. Claire Weekes I too overcame my own personal battle with nervous illness. I had severe panic disorder with agoraphobia for many years and applied myself the correct way to bring about lasting recovery. The understanding and mindfulness tools I gained in recovery have been invaluable to me in helping others. I provide clear and concise advice on how to free the mind from the suffering caused by anxiety, fatigue and depression.